Extra Curricular

 Breakfast Club

  • Mersey Primary Academy has a daily Breakfast Club which is open from 8.00am.
  • A breakfast of cereal and toast with fruit juice is served after which the children have chance to play a variety of games.
  • Doors close at 8.15am and the children go to class at 8.40am.

After School Clubs

We are incredibly proud that we have commited staff who will run clubs in their own time.

This term we are able to run 15 clubs a week for your children!

A huge thanks must go to the adults who make these possible.

These run in 5 week cycles so that we can offer the activities to as many children as possible. It also allows us to change the activities on offer so there is always something of interest.

  • Extra Curricular clubs are held on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Lunchtime clubs run 12:30pm – 1:00pm
  • After school clubs run 3:15pm – 4:00pm. 

Clubs available from Monday 14th January to Friday 29th March are:




Who for?

Monday - Lunch

Origami ClubMr GudmunsenKS2

Monday- After School

Badminton ClubMiss JeacockKS2

Monday - After school

 Art ClubMrs DixonKS1

Tuesday - Lunch

Reading ClubMrs GriffinEYFS/KS1

Tuesday - Lunch

Drama ClubMiss NewloveKS2

Wednesday - Lunch

Word Search ClubMiss ColesKS1

Wednesday Lunch

Coloring ClubMrs GordonKS2/1

Wednesday - After School

 Rugby ClubMr GudmunsenKS2

Wednesday - After School

Year 6 BoosterMrs MilneYear 6

Thursday - Lunch

 Film ClubMrs MilneKS2

Thursday - After School

Gardening ClubMrs HodgsonKS2

Thursday - After School

KS2 Dance ClubMiss NewloveKS2

Thursday - After School

KS1 Dance ClubMiss ColesKS1

Thursday - After School

Year 6 InterventionMiss MilneYear 6

Friday - Lunch

The Always ClubMrs HodgsonKS1/2


Mr Wilcocks helps us provide high quality music experiences. All children in the academy learn to play a musical instrument, with some learning a second instrument, with the opportunity to take music exams. Currently  EYFS children are learning to play percussion instruments, the Key Stage 1 & 2  children are learning to play the keyboard.  Musical Theatre lessons are timetabled weekly for children in Years 3,4 &5 with Musical Concerts at Christmas and in the Summer.


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