Phonics is taught using Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS). Teachers follow structured lessons as part of this programme. The sounds are taught progressively.

Hard to read and spell words are also taught. These are words that cannot be sounded out and have tricky letters. These words need to be taught to be read on sight.

Phonics in the Early Years

Our phonics teaching begins in our Nursery where adults and children share a wide variety of books. This allows the children time to explore and use new vocabulary and develop understanding of story book language. Children carry out activities, following the Launchpad for Literacy Approach, that help their working, visual and auditory memory .

As children progress through Nursery and into Reception class, they begin to work on phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. These will be worked on practically, focusing on both reading and writing skills.

All phonics sessions occur daily and for a minimum of 20 minutes in Early Years and for a minimum of 30 minutes in KS1.