Year 1

What is your topic this term?


This term Year 1s topic is Hull Heroes. They are focusing on famous people from the past who have made an impact on their city.


What subjects are you doing and what are the end products for each subject?

In maths, the children will be learning all about 2D and 3D shapes, as well as developing their understanding of weight, height, length and capacity. The majority of children's topic lessons will have a History focus. They will be learning about William Wilberforce, Amy Johnson and Lillian Bilocca and the important things that they did when they were alive. The children will also be taking part in lessons focusing on Art, Music, Design Technology and Geography. In Art they will be designing their own Hull Moth and in Design Technology they will be creating their own head scarf, just like the ones Lillian Bilocca used to wear.



What skills are the children learning?

This term the children will be improving their space, shape and measure skills. In writing the children will be developing their innovation skills by re-writing The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  The children will be gaining an understanding of what is old and what is was like around the times that the different heroes were alive. They will also be using maps and photos of Hull to understand how big Hull is and what the main landmarks are.


When is PE?

This term their PE lessons are on a Tuesday afternoon and they will be indoor. An indoor kit will be provided by the academy.


What are they doing in PE ?

This terms PE lessons will have a dance focus and will be linked to their first writing cycle - The Tiger Who Came to Tea.