Year 1

What is your topic this term?


This term Year 1s topic is 'Toys from the Past.' The children are focusing on toys that their parents and grandparents played with as well as toys from many years ago. They will also look at events like Hull Fair and the toys and games associated with this and how they have changed over the years.


What subjects are covered in this topic?

The majority of children's topic lessons will have a History focus which will develop their understanding of childrens' lives in the past and how that differs from their life today.  The children will also be taking part in lessons focusing on Art  and Geography.  Their work in Art will enable them to develop an understanding of control and the different techniques that can be used to produce pencil drawings. 

In Science, the children will learn about animals including humans.



PE will be outdoor this term. It would be helpful if you could send an outdoor kit for your child to wear.