Year 3

What is your topic this term? 

Our Year 3 topic this term will be Stone Age and Iron Age.

What subjects are you doing and what are the end products for each subject?

In history we will explore the main events of these time periods and look at what life was like.

In reading we are starting our new book, This Morning I met a whale. 

In maths we will look  at place  value and will look at addition and subtraction. 

In writing we will be writing short pieces based on the book 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.

What skills are children learning?

Children will learn a range of skills throughout our topic including: enquiry skills, teamwork and communication skills, research skills and a range of different art skills and techniques.

In maths children will learn number skills related to addition and subtraction in order to aid their understanding and apply the methods that they learn.

As readers, children will learn inference skills and reading skills such as skimming and scanning in order to find specific information in a text.

As writers, the children will learn grammatical skills such as how to correctly punctuate speech and will learn to use a range of different sentence structures.


Our PE sessions this half term will be  carried out outdoors. Please send an outdoor PE kit.

We will be taking part in NAPA this half term which will be on a Tuesday morning.