Year 3

What is your topic this term? 

Our Year 3 topic this term will be Ancient Egypt.

What subjects are you doing and what are the end products for each subject?

In history we will explore the main Egyptian figures, discover what archaeologists do and learn about Ancient Egyptian rituals such as mummification. 

In geography we will focus on the River Nile, its uses and how these have changed over the years as well as looking at the climate in Egypt. 

As artists we will explore the different materials used by Ancient Egyptians and decide which of these materials would be best for making our own cartouche.

In reading we are starting our new book, The Firework Maker’s Daughter. 

In maths we will look further at multiplication and division and will also move onto looking at money. 

In writing we will be looking at the short film The Blue Umbrella and writing our own narratives based on this.

What skills are children learning?

Children will learn a range of skills throughout our topic including: enquiry skills, teamwork and communication skills, research skills and a range of different art skills and techniques.

In maths children will learn number skills related to multiplication and division in order to aid their understanding and apply the methods that they learn.

As readers, children will learn inference skills and reading skills such as skimming and scanning in order to find specific information in a text.

As writers, the children will learn grammatical skills such as how to correctly punctuate speech and will learn to use a range of different sentence structures.

When is PE?

Our PE session this half term will be on a Tuesday afternoon.

What are they doing in PE?

It will be an outdoor session in which we will be focusing on hockey.

We will be taking part in NAPA this half term which will be on a Tuesday morning.