Senior Leadership Team

 Associate Executive Principal

Mr Yeomans

Head of Academy

Mrs  Gordon

 Assistant PrincipalMrs  Milne
Leader of LearningMrs  Griffin
Leader of LearningMiss Newlove


Administration Team

Administration & Finance ManagerMrs Carrington
Administration OfficerMrs  Tennent
Administration SupportMiss  Rodgers

Foundation Team

EYFS Teacher

Mrs  Griffin

Mrs  Villiotis

Nursery NurseMrs  Dixon
Nursery NurseMrs  Warhurst


Teaching Staff Key Stage 1

Year 1Miss Brunt
Year 2                                                                      Miss Jeacock

Teaching Staff Key Stage 2

Year 3Miss Harris
Year 4Mrs Milne
Year 5Miss Clark
Year 6Miss Newlove

Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss  Foster
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss Green
Teaching AssistantMrs  Curran
Teaching AssistantMrs  Buchanan
Teaching AssistantMrs  Sayers
Teaching AssistantMrs  Hayward
Teaching AssistantMrs  Bratley
Teaching AssistantMr  Lowery


Lunchtime Team

 Lunchtime Support StaffMrs  Overend
Lunchtime Support StaffMrs  Mowforth
Lunchtime Support StaffMrs Atkinson
Lunchtime Support StaffMiss  Mechen
Lunchtime Support StaffMrs  Corein
Lunchtime Suppport   StaffMiss Chapman


Site Team

CaretakerMr  Buckley
CleanerMrs  Loveridge
CleanerMrs  Tindall
CleanerMrs Grayson