Senior Leadership Team

Executive Principal

Mrs Trudi Bartle

Mrs Mel Hewitt

Head of AcademyMrs Leigh Gordon
 Assistant Principal, DEEP Learning LeadMrs Louise Milne
Leader of Learning, DEEP Support LeadMrs Sarah Griffin
Leader of Learning, DEEP Experience LeadMiss Sarah Newlove
Leader of LearningMrs Sherry Foster
Director of Primary LearningMrs Aysha Carlin
 Leader of Learning, SENCOMrs Kerry Hogson


Administration Team

Administration & Finance ManagerMrs Moira Wilson
Administration OfficerMrs Joanne Tennent
Administration SupportMiss Hayley Rodgers

Foundation Team

EYFS TeacherMrs Sarah Griffin
Nursery NurseMrs Heather Dixon
Nursery NurseMrs Lynsey Warhurst


Teaching Staff Key Stage 1

Year 1Miss Jade Coles
Year 2                                                                      Miss Laura Jeacock

Teaching Staff Key Stage 2

Year 3Mr Alex Gudmunsen
Year 4Mr Donald Clegg
Year 5Miss Sarah Newlove
Year 6Mrs Louise Milne

Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss Sherry Foster
Teaching AssistantMrs Josephine Curran
Teaching AssistantMrs Elaine Buchanan
Teaching AssistantMrs Lita Sayers
Teaching AssistantMrs Nicola Leslie
Teaching AssistantMrs Tracy Hayward
Teaching AssistantMrs Patricia Bratley
Behaviour SupportMr Carl Lowery


Lunchtime Team

Senior Lunchtime Support StaffMrs Lisa Greenham
Lunchtime Support StaffMrs Christine Overend
Lunchtime Support StaffMiss Jenny Mechen
Lunchtime Support StaffMrs Claire Corein


Site Team

CaretakerMr David Buckley
CleanerMrs Linda Loveradge
CleanerMrs Denise Tindall
CleanerMrs Sharon Grayson

Additional Roles 

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching & Learning and Assessment Lead, Maths LeadMrs Louise Milne
Health and Safety Co-ordinatorMrs Moira Wilson
Educational Visits Co-ordinatorMrs Nicola Leslie
Child Protection Co-ordinator, Behaviour and Attendance Team, Teaching Assistant Support Staff LeadMiss Sherry Foster
Child Protection Deputy, Emotional and Well-being Support, Attendance, ELSA, Behavioural SupportMrs Josephine Curran
ICT Leader/interventionsMrs Elaine Buchanan
SEN/interventionsMrs Lita Sayers
Enterprise/ School Council / Clubs / Educational VisitsMrs Nicola Leslie
Speech and Language / English as an Additional LanguageMrs Paticia Bratley
Breakfast ClubMrs Lisa Greenham & Mrs Christine Overend
Music TeacherMr Karl Wilcock
Performing Arts TeacherMiss Georgina Roe
Writing LeadMrs Kerry Hodgson
Reading LeadMrs Sarah Griffin
Curriculum LeadMiss Sarah Newlove
Science  LeadMiss Jade Coles
P.E. LeadMiss Laura Jeacock